Frozen Party Pack

Frozen Party Pack


A single 64oz package of our world famous king crab bisque. Perfect for parties or events.



  • At Home Recipes

    Using our bisque you can give everyday recipes an Alaskan twist! Click here for recipes. 

  • Cooking Instructions

    Thaw in refrigerator.   Place the whole bag in a pot of boiling water.  Cook until warm but not boiling.   Carefully remove and tear open bag and pour in pot on medium heat.  Add approx 2 cups of heavy cream or milk.  Stir until desired temperature.  Add a squeeze of lime to finish.  Color should be a pale orange color.  Can be refrozen.

  • Shipping Information

    Please be sure to select "Overnight Shipping" when ordering any seafood item! 

  • Ingredients and Shelf Life

     Ingredients: Alaskan Red King Crab, Crab shells, cream, tomato paste, thyme, salt, pepper and spices. Once unthawed this product must be consumed. Do not refreeze. Fronzen this product can last up to 6 months before loosing flavor.Do not refreeze.