Tracy's King Crab Shack Menu

At Tracy's we pride ourselves in providing great customer service & quality food. Unfortunately we do not accept reservations, but our lines move fast. We look forward to seeing you!

King Crab is harvested in the winter; October - January.  There is a shortage of all crab this year due to Covid, fishing quota cuts and supply & demand.   Crab prices have more than doubled and supply is extremely short.
We have done our best to keep prices inline and product in stock but we are very limited.
Menu Prices Subject to Change with this crazy crab market




We proudly carry a wide variety of hand crafted local brews from around the state of Alaska. We have the iconic Alaskan Amber from Alaskan Brewing and beers from the fare north in Denali and Anchorage. Our wine selection rotates, so ask your server what pairs best with your meal.